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Say No To Computer Rage

Suffering from technophobia?
Losing customers to your competitors
because they're online and you're not?
Let us help you.
We can build & maintain a website for you,
making finding your business easier
and increasing your sales.

Top 5 Reasons Why We Offer A Better Web Design Service

1. Personal Service

Being a small business ourselves means we have lower overheads and can provide competitive prices by passing our savings on to you.

It also means you deal with one person from start to finish. We always work closely with our clients on each project to ensure your business is promoted with the right technology and content. We pride ourselves on being able to give each of our clients personal and individualized attention.

2. Easy to Talk To

Sometimes we deal with businesses that are still relatively new to the Internet and what it has to offer. Not everyone has the time or the inclination to keep up with the latest technology so we take the time to explain it to you in everyday language - NOT computer jargon, making the task of building a website for your business easier on everyone involved.

3. We Develop Quality Websites

We design and develop websites that look good, load fast, and are easy to use. All our websites are built to meet the following standards:

  • easy to navigate
  • load quickly
  • hit the target market
  • deliver the message
  • use the right technology needed for the job
  • reflect the business's image

No matter how big or small, each web site we work on is uniquely tailored to your business and we don't sign off on a project until everyone is satisfied.

4. Experienced Web Designers

Our web designers have been producing websites for businesses of all shapes and sizes for over 10 years and during this time Sublime Web Design has established a reputation for fast, reliable and professional service.

Our designers are commited to keeping ahead of the latest technologies and break throughs in the web design industry which allows us to offer you the most up to date and professional services.

5. We Are Local And We Support Australian Businesses

We are an Australian business located in Newcastle, NSW which employs local Newcastle web designers. Our Web Hosting services are with an Australian provider with servers located in the GlobalSwitch Data Centre, Sydney. At no point do we outsource any part of your web development project to cheap, overseas companies.

About Us

Sublime Web Design is located in Newcastle, which is north of Sydney on the east coast of NSW, Australia.

From this ideal location we are able to provide professional websites at affordable prices to businesses throughout Australia and the world.

Our web designers specialise in designing beautiful web sites tailored specifically to make you and your customers happy.

As Sublime Web Design continues to grow, we remain committed to providing unique, reliable and secure solutions that help our clients to increase sales and improve customer service.

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