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Title Tags & SEO

January 4th, 2013 by Liz


What is a Title Tag?

Title Tags are the titles given to each page of your website/blog and are quite possibly the most important tags on your web pages. Depending on the browser you are using, the Title Tag is what appears either at the top of the page or on the tab.

What make them so important is that they tell people and Search Engines what your webpage is about. The Title Tag is one of the first things that Search Engines see and they use them as the first line of your listing in their result pages.

They help Search Engines rank your page for the appropriate key words and phrases people are looking for and they can be the deciding factor on whether or not someone will visit your site. This is why it is  so important to write effective Title Tags that are catchy and clickable for every page of your website.

How To Write Effective Title Tags

  • Title Tags need to be concise. Most Search Engines will only show the first 70 characters of a title tag and that includes spaces.
  • Sell your webpage. Give people a reason why they should look at your website over all the others that appear in the Search Results.
  • Make sure they are relevant to the content on the page. If the Title Tag has nothing to do with the content on the page people will just exit your website soon after arriving as it is not the content they are looking for.
  • Include the keywords you are trying to rank for in Search Engine Results in your Title Tag with your most important keywords first. Do not include all your keywords, just the ones that are relevant to the page the Title is for.
  • Title Tags do not have to read like a sentence. Leave words like and, if, but & then out of the Title Tag. Instead seperate key phrases/words with pipes (|). This will help in keeping your Title Tags short. If you do have to use ‘and’ make sure you use an ampersand (&) instead of the word.
  • Beware of keyword stuffing. If you have key phrases that contain the same word, try grouping the terms together rather than repeating the same keyword. If you keep using the same word over and over again it can appear as being spammy and your website may be penalised.
  • If you are including your business name in your Title Tag leave it for the end of the tag unless it is part of your important keywords for that page.

And Most Importantly:

  • NEVER DUPLICATE  TITLE TAGS. Always write a different Title Tag for every page of your website! Remember it is these Title Tags that appear in Search Engine Results and it is these tags that will help people decide whether or not to visit your website. If all your Title Tags are the same how will they decide which page has the information they are looking for?

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